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Getting a new boiler quote is something most do every day because they're current boiler has packed-up or is just causing problems at home. It's no wonder then that so many people choose the easy way of getting a competitive quote online. It's certainly the best way to get the best price for a new boiler and it has the added benefit that the price includes everything too. In fact, the most popular that people mention when they get a new boiler quote from us is that our price is competitive and we are fast, efficient and we cover the whole of the UK too. That's certainly not something you'll hear elsewhere because often local new boiler installers only install to local area.

Right now, most people would ask "Why get a new boiler quote now?" well that's easy to answer because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've managed to get you a great time limited deal. Simply click the button to get a quick quote and grab an extra £200 off the price just by quoting WZ-200 at the checkout!

New Boiler Quote

Why Do I Need A New Boiler Quote?

Many people everyday get a New Boiler Quote from us, and there are often so many reasons why they use us. Often it's because the current boiler has problems (it's completely failed, takes a long time to warm up or just does not provide enough heat) which is causing tension at home. Sometimes it can be simply because of the boilers age, it is starting to need regular maintenance and is beginning to cost more money on repairs.

Of course, savvy consumers like you just want to be assured that you're getting the best deal - and you don't want to pay over the odds for your new boiler. We get it, after all - money's tight but when your heating goes - you just want it sorted there and then, for a very competitive price!

That's why every day more and more people across the UK are turning to us - in fact it's so easy, just click here to get a boiler quote just takes a few seconds plus we're Gas Safety approved, we work all hours in all weathers including days and weekends! Plus we operate nationwide too!

Get A Free Boiler Quote

How Quickly Can You Fit A New Boiler?

At New Boiler Prices, we can get your new boiler, supplied, professionally installed, and fully gas safety tested very quickly (within just two days in most cases). Now just thing how long it would actually take with one of those big names like British Gas / NPower / etc? Not to mention how much more they'd charge you!

Plus our team of dedicated installers are all highly trained, experienced and pride themselves on the quality of the installation. We have many customer complimenting us on our timely service, good manners. Plus when you get a new boiler from us, you know you're in safe hands as every one of our installers is 100% gas safe tested and approved. On top of this, our installers are always on time - and always reliable. What is more, they will always tidy up after themselves too, unlike some others!

Psst! Don't forget that all our of gas boilers are still Which Trusted Trader approved - for your peace of mind.

Get A New Boiler Quote Now!

Click on the button below to get a quick, easy and hassle free quote now. It's easy and won't you anything so there's absolutely no obligation. Plus with our -fully inclusive prices- why pay more elsewere? One thing is for sure, when you get a quote - you'll love how simple it is!

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